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We are providing total Water Treatment solutions Delhi | NCR. We are the leading companies involved in marketing of Hydro-Pneumatic systems, Sewage Pumps, Commercial Pumps, Water Softener & Stainless Steel Water Storage Tanks with Best Service and price.

The company provides the equipments & support that is absolute best available in the market place today. Our valuable products are widely used in different sectors like Hotels, Hospitals, Multiplexes, Waste Water Management, irrigation, R.O. Systems, Industrial Applications, Refrigeration Industry, Pharma, and Domestic Usages etc.

Why Need Hydro-Pneumatic systems:

All Indian plumbing systems have an underground tank for water.  This collects water from the supply line, which is normally delivered at low pressure, we can’t push water to the height of an overhead tank. Traditionally, the underground tank is connected to an overhead tank via a pump and a supply line; the water flows from there to any tap or outlet by gravity.  The height of the water column above the outlet, known as head, supplies the required pressure in the outlet.  The overhead tank can be eliminated, however, by the use of a pump that pumps the water directly from the underground tank to all outlets.  Such a pump should be able to continuously supply the line with pressure, so that whenever one opens a tap, water gushes out. Such pumps are available these days; they are called hydro-pneumatic systems.

We have best hydro-pneumatic systems with best price and good Service

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