Are You Ready to Learn Digital Marketing (SEO) Free

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Are You Ready to Learn Digital Marketing (SEO) Free
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Internet is source of fining any type of data online. This data which you are unable to locate somewhere you discover them online. With laptop net applications like search engines it will be very tough to search any information. There are thousands and thousands of web sites reachable on-line and you can’t discover the relevant website besides these search engines. Whenever you area any search question in search box, search engines deliver the applicable effects in the front of you.

Search engine is pc software that is designed to crawl, index and save statistics in its database and fetch the applicable facts when consumer searches any.

Suppose you choose to search high-quality colleges in your town and you kind it in search field of any search engines. You will locate the consequences pretty applicable and related with your query. Search engine is additionally a internet site that is used to search any data from web.


Search Engine Marketing

What is search engine?

Internet is source of fining any sort of information online.  This information which you are unable to find anywhere you find them online. With computer internet programs like search engines it will be very hard to search any information. 

Search engine is computer program that is designed to crawl, index and store information in its database and fetch the relevant information when user searches any.

There are so many types of Search Engines and some popular search engines we have listed below:


Google Search engine:

Web URL:

Yahoo Search engine:

Web URL:

Bing Search engine:

Web URL:

Ask Search engine:

Web URL:

Importance of Search Engines in Business

As we have already mentioned that it is quite important to get your business optimized for major search engine and this sentence shows the necessity of search engines in promoting your business online. 

Search Engine Optimization

As we said, you have to get listed to major search engines but how? You have to understand the whole SEO concept. You should know what SEO is?

SEO is associated with the processes that help bring any product or service to the top results in Search engines listings. Top ranking in search engine means more clicks and more website visit.  The whole process has come into existence in order to improve volume and quality of traffic.

Types of SEO

  1. On Page SEO
  2. OFF Page SEO

On page SEO

On page SEO techniques are used to improve the quality of your own blog or website and it helps make your site user and SEO friendly. On Page SEO include changes in website design, code, template, heading tags, content, image, meta tags and much more.


On Page SEO Techniques

Good Content

Content plays important role in making site SEO and user friendly. Content offers an idea about the product and service you offer. 


People use any relevant term to search any product with the help of search engine is known as keyword. You just need to search “Keyword research & Strategy with keyword planner” with the help of search engines.  As shown below:

Now click on the below given link and create your account in Oder to access it. And then place the website URL for which you want to search keywords:


Website URL  Name

All web pages URL and website URL should be relevant to the business you deal in. relevant URL website helps enhance search rankings more easily. 

Web Pages Titles

Website title and other website pages should have relevant titles that match with your services. A title should not be longer than 60 characters.

User Friendly Web pages

User friendly web pages means when user reach to your site can find what he wants. 

Off Page SEO

All the processes or activities that are done outside of your website to enhance online presence or promote your site are known as Off Page SEO process. Like Open Link Building, Forum Posting, Content Marketing, Video Sharing, Image Sharing, Business Listing, Question & Answers, Reviews Posting and much more.

Referral links

You can provide a link to each and every person who wants to participate in your referral program. 

Affiliate Marketing

This is the latest scheme of promoting any business. Once they get sale via this affiliate they provide you commission on each and every sale. This is the best way to enhance the popularity and branding of any company.

Social Media Affiliate Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)

This is very impressive way of promoting any business and many people use such sites.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is an amazing way to make people aware about your business. Easy and precise content can be used to show the speciality of your product. 

Article Posting Website:


Blog Posting Website:



Search Engine Optimization techniques

We have divided search engine optimization in 2 broad categories white hat SEO and Black hat SEO.

White Hat SEO

If you use genuine methods in order to promote your site and optimize it for search engines then it is known as white hat SEO. 

Black Hat SEO

Search engines don’t support such methods in which user does not work as per the guidelines and use unauthentic ways to promote site. This is the set of procedure used by the site promoter to get the site listed on top results anyhow. 

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are very important and you can promote your business by optimizing your site for search engine.

Search engine service providers

If you are looking for search engine service providers in India, then you can easily look for the best companies. 

Do’s and Don’ts for search engine optimization

You should choose only those companies that use White hat SEO techniques and bring long term results for your business.  You should not choose those companies that do not follow the guidelines of Google while optimizing your site for it.


What is SEM (Search Engine Marketing)?

There are two types of Internet marketing SEO and SEM. SEO brings organic listings and free results while SEM is a paid service that gets your business listed in sponsored listings of search engines. Google adword is the most popular PPC tool that help place ads.

Top Popular SEM plans include:

  • PPC
  • CPC

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